I want to send a huge thanks to your equipment repair support team.  They are definitely on point when it comes to suggestions on how to resolve problems on your HWP-120.  They seem to know the electrical and hydraulics of the equipment like the back of their hand.  The shipping took longer than the repair.  Very impressed with your product – top quality American company keep it up.



“We really Love the processor we got. We have cut & split about 15 cords so far. We are very satisfied. “

Bob Engebretson

“I am so glad I made the investment in a Halverson wood processor! I burn wood in an outside wood boiler and this makes it so nice. The wood is easy to load into the stove since split and same length. Also makes it enjoyable to cut wood since my back doesn’t hurt anymore from cutting for a couple hours. Ordering replacement chains was easy and very quick shipping. Also trouble shooting a couple things I had questions was super easy. They really know their machines!!”

Mike Vasek
Vasek Construction, Inc.

I have owned my Halverson wood processor now for about 4 years and i can say that it is with out a doubt a very fine piece of equipment that has given me very good service. Any time I have had questions about the equipment the Halverson Wood products staff has always taken the time to answer my questions and explain details to me. If I were to recommend a fire wood processor to a person it would be defiantly be a Halverson wood processor.
Thanks for you great service

Jim Thormodsgard

I really enjoy using my Halverson firewood processor. I’ve had it for 4 winters now and cut around 30 cord a year. We haven’t had any issues. It is fun to operate especially in my heated cab on cold winter days.

Ron Wall