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Mobile Robots

Manufacturing is not just a matter of specialization. It is a matter of logistics. Today, mobile robots perform the work required to transport goods between workstations and Robex can help you implement solutions that increase productivity.

What are mobile robots?

Mobile robotics concerns itself with the process of moving goods in an efficient, productive, and cost-effective manner. Robotics can reduce operating expenses by up to 22 percent.

These devices require no forklifts and can be combined with pickers and other robots to create a nearly completely automated service. Eliminate the need to maintain and staff armies of forklifts and let AI pick the most productive path through your warehouse.

Are mobile robots effective?

Mobile industrial robots withstand the pressure of modern manufacturing. These devices are tough and versatile. Many are flat enough to stow underneath a shelf. With less moving parts, there is less maintenance as well.

When connected, these devices determine the shortest and best path between workstations. Many choose the goods to pick and the order in which they are delivered to improve productivity. The modern warehouse or factory is full of mobile robotics solutions.

What does it take to implement an autonomous robotics solution?

A mobile robotics solution requires many different components to work correctly. These devices are IT intensive. Hardware on the edge of your cloud services or connected to your server enable communications and even data processing from mobile robots.

Predictive models and software process the best routes for these robots to take through your warehouse, run updates, and allow you to view performance related statistics in well-crafted dashboards. Mobile solutions are data intensive.

Can I customize my mobile robotics solutions?

The best robots on the market today are not just network enabled. They allow your staff to program software. You can tune these robots.

Off-the-shelf robots cannot anticipate your custom solutions. Hardware powered by AI takes time and effort to integrate. Create an optimal solution with the help of staff or a trusted technology partner.

Where can I find support for my mobile robots?

Turnkey solutions plan, design, and integrate manufacturing solutions for industry. These systems are ideal for any operation. Outsourcing your IT and maintenance is a great way to cut costs while running smoothly.

Robex helps you create solutions that work for your unique needs. Find the right solution and tune it for each of your facilities with the help of our experienced team.

Quality in Manufacturing

Manufacturing requires quality. The smallest gain in productivity can have a large impact on your bottom line.

Robex maintains certifications in quality and environmental management to ensure that our technicians are the best they can be. Peace of mind keeps your warehouse running smoothly.

Using Mobile Robots

Manufacturing and warehousing require the smoothest logistics chain to optimize profitability. Robotics keeps material running between workstations with ease.

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