Industrial Ventilation Design

Industrial Ventilation Design

What is Industrial Ventilation?

Industrial ventilation simply means ventilation practices that remove contaminants and create a fresh airflow in industrial applications. Sometimes, something as simple as opening extra windows can lead to great industrial ventilation, while more advanced strategies must be deployed in other situations.

Regardless of the situation, two principles are crucial to effecting industrial ventilation. And these are removing contaminants and improving the circulation of fresh air. And that’s where an air exhaust system comes in.

Air exhaust systems remove contaminated air from a designated area, filter particles, and release filtered air. It is essentially an air supply system with equipment that filter, heat, cools, and even regulate the temperature and quality of air supply.

Benefits of Ventilation

Here are some reasons why you need industrial ventilation.

Increased employee safety

Contaminants in the air can lead to serious health problems for your employees. Effective ventilation significantly minimizes the incidence of these contaminants. Plus, it can even reduce noise pollution.

Extended equipment life

Contaminants like dust can harm sensors and circuit boards, hamper lubrication and compromise mechanical parts. Properly ventilated areas allow you to eliminate as much dust from the air as possible.

You save resources

Getting the right industrial ventilation systems might be pricey initially, but their benefits far outweigh the initial costs over time.

You avoid compliance issues.

Some laws insist on clean, fresh air in industrial areas to protect the health of people working there. So effective industrial ventilation always keeps you on the right side of the law.

And that’s why you need the right industrial ventilation design

Why Great Industrial Ventilation Design Is Important

The right industrial ventilation design ensures that a work area is conducive to work. It is central to creating a conducive environment for everyone. That’s why you need experts like us who can create the right ventilation designs to cater to your industrial ventilation problems. We have all it takes to build a custom industrial ventilation system for you using a wide range of ventilation equipment like industrial fans, blowers, and ducts that keep the airflow clean and fresh.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • On-site ventilation survey
  • Heat load evaluation
  • Acoustic evaluation
  • Fluid flow system analysis
  • System design
  • Equipment specification
  • Project management
  • Equipment purchasing and supply
  • Installation and start-up

Get in Touch With us for Custom Industrial Ventilation Design

At Eldridge, we understand that a well-designed ventilation system is crucial to the smooth operations of any manufacturing or processing facility. Without a well-planned design, the premises can easily become unconducive for workers while also having a negative impact on the products.

Importantly, we also understand that different industries may have different requirements. That’s why our design process starts with listening to our clients’ needs and understanding their expectations. Afterward, we use our proprietary Fluid Flow Analysis software to know how much air the ventilation system will move and then come up with the appropriate design. Contact us today and we’ll be glad to discuss your needs.




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Industrial Ventilation Design

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