Employment Opportunities


This position will be required to produce strong clean welds on a
consistent basis.

– Previous welding experience or training is required
– Ability to use thinking and reasoning to solve a problem
– Self Motivated and detail oriented
– Ability to lift, push, pull and position 60+ pounds
– Good communication skills (Verbal & Written)
– Excellent hand eye coordination

Job Type: Full-time
Compensation based on experience

Please email your resume to: amber@halversonwp.com


Job Duties:

– This position will be responsible to connect parts into a more complex component
– Ensure parts fit properly to maintain a quality product
– Report issues with parts, machines and equipment
– Assist with Shipping/Receiving
– Assist with the Inventory process

– Good communication skills (Verbal & Written)
– Read and comprehend instructions and follow established procedures
– Excellent hand eye coordination
– Ability to follow established procedures
– Previous assembly and painting experience is helpful

Email resume to: amber@halversonwp.com

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