The History of Halverson Wood Products

Glen Halverson has spent most of his life in the logging industry, but he has always been a builder and designer of products to make his life easier. He originally built items that made his logging equipment more effective and efficient. In 2007, he started designing a firewood processor in his garage. His goal was to develop a firewood processing system that was economical, easy to use, and very dependable. About 10 years ago, he partnered with Hahn Machinery in Two Harbors, MN to build and sell his initial firewood processor. He continued to refine the design until Hahn has 2 models that they built: HFP150 & HFP160.

Glen continued to tinker, and design, until about 2013, when he had a new model designed that was simpler and lighter. He made the decision to manufacture and sell the new HWP-140 himself at his home shop at Halverson Wood Products in rural Pine River, MN. He initially started with having the frames bent, welded and painted at a couple of different metal shops.

In 2015, Glen purchased a building in town in Pine River, and moved the manufacturing into the current facility.

In July 2017, Glen purchased additional property across the street from the initial building. In late 2017, Glen purchased a plasma table, press brake, welders and a paint booth, and pulled all of the metal fabrication in house.

Glen continued to work on refining his designs, and in mid 2018, launched the HWP-120, which was again, lighter, simpler and less expensive and was designed for a lower volume of firewood that would be used by an average homeowner.

The company continues to build the latest version of the HWP-140B, that is marketed towards commercial applications, and people that process 100+ cords of wood per year.

Glen continues to work on new designs and projects, and in 2019, launched the new HWP-125GS Grapple Saw, and just come out with an Inverted Splitter to complement the Grapple. These days, Glen focuses all his time on R&D to develop new products. Stay tuned for what he comes up with next!