Revolutionizing Firewood Processing

Firewood Processor Attachment

Halverson Wood Products takes great pride in offering a one-of-a-kind innovation that revolutionizes firewood processing. Our all-in-one skid steer loader firewood processor attachment is a simple, rugged, and cost-effective machine that is specifically designed to help save time and money in processing wood. Manufactured in our facility in Pine River, MN, our equipment is 100% made in the USA!

The History of Halverson Wood Products

Glen Halverson started the design in his shop in 2007 after working in the logging industry for most of his life. His goal was to develop a firewood processing system that was economical, easy to use, and very dependable.
This one man, in cab operation, is both safe and comfortable, in any weather. You can do the work quickly without expensive additional equipment and manpower.
With continuous design improvements over the years and an unwavering commitment to producing quality machinery, we have produced reliable equipment which we now offer... the HWP-140B and HWP-120 Firewood Processors.