Jim Thormodsgard-

I have owned the HWP 140 for over a year now and have ran a lot of wood through it. this is a piece of equipment that I am very impressed with and is a lot of fun to run i have had no issues with the machine and Glenn has always been happy to answer questions. if you use a lot of fire wood or are looking at buying a fire wood processor i would without a doubt buy this one. should have got one years ago. thanks again for the great job on building the HWP 140



Mal Michie-

Just got the HWP 140 and love it!!! I am able to produce over a cord per hour with crooked logs in the mix. The processor is easy to use and maintain. Great customer service.


Leah Zesiger

My husband bought the HWP140 last fall and loves it! He has used it quite a few times since, Cutting his own firewood and hiring himself out to others that have 100″. He loves it and has no regrets for buying it! It’s a simple machine to operate and he loves the fact that he can do it all by himself!



Bret Fairchild-

I’m the proud owner of the 130 processor.  I can’t say enough about the quality of machine and the staff backing it.!!   Even with the short learning curve that comes with buying a new toy,. I’m still able to cut and split just under 1 1/2 cords an hour.  I burn 15 cords a year and in a few hours, had almost a 1/3 of my wood cut, and didn’t break a sweat or strain my back.  It’s a joy to just sit in cab with the air conditioner on listening to the radio and watch the wood run thru this thing.   Great job Glen and crew! Please use me in any referrals you need.




Dear Glen and Employees of Halverson Wood Products,

I’m Writing this letter to express my thanks and compliment you and your team on EXCEPTIONAL customer service.

As you recall, I was the one who accidentally ran over the wood processor hoses and lower harness. I was devastated. I thought getting the implement fixed was going to be a nightmare and cost me a fortune.

Having spoken to you earlier, prior to buying the attachment, I had your number so I gave you a call. Not only did you not make me feel like an idiot (which I already did), but you quickly shipped out the replacement parts I needed.

I have worked for and with many companies in my day, and I have to say, I have never encountered such outstanding customer service!

Once again, thank you. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.




Thought you might like these photos for the show. We both can run it pretty good already. It might increase sales if husbands know they can send their wives out on it.

It has already become my new and favorite tool.