About Us


AttachmentHalverson Wood Products takes pride in the design and functionality of its firewood processors.

As the innovator in the all-in-one skid steer loader firewood processing attachment industry, Halverson leads the way in simple, rugged and cost effective machinery to save time and money processing wood.

Our goal is to drive down the cost of the equipment and produce a machine that is a cost effective way to produce wood for the homeowner, farmer, estate manager and anyone looking for a compact wood cutting/splitting dream machine.

Our dependable machines will give you years of firewood processing from the comfort of your skid steer cab, no matter what the weather.

Our production facility is located in Pine River, Minnesota.

Proudly made in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I need parts or service?

Please call your local dealer or our service center at 218-587-2065.
We can answer your questions and direct you to the best method to satisfy your inquiry.

  • What is the most common method of delivery or shipping of your attachment?

Please call us to determine if there is a current dealer near you.
It will become easier to purchase and pick up our attachments as our dealer network expands.
Currently we ship our units Common Carrier to your destination.

  • How do I know if the HWP-140B will work with my machine?

The HWP-140B is built to be compatible with many common skid steer brands. Please refer to the specifications on the product page. Here are some of the basic compatibility requirements that need be available on your skid steer to operate the HWP-140B.

  • Minimum 15 GPM flow rate required.
  • Minimum 2800 PSI required.
  • Case drain is required