Revolutionary Firewood Processor & Log Splitter

Halverson Wood Products is revolutionizing the wood industry with the HWP-130 and HWP-140 skid steer firewood processor & log splitter attachments with the homeowner in mind. The HWP’s were designed from a logger/farmer for the logging and farming industry.

The functions of the HWP log splitter are to make wood processing go from a 2-3 man job to a 1 man firewood cutter. What the HWP-140 can do for you is…

  • Pick up – 8’ to 12’ logs
  • Saw – up to 22” pieces, up to 15” in diameter
  • Split – 2-4 ways
  • Deposit into a truck bed, trailer or just on the ground

Financing for a firewood processor from ACG

Lift, Position, Cut and Split

The uses for the HWP skid steer firewood processor can extend farther than just your farming or logging needs. It can be used for your firewood business, tree service business, camping, and resorts.

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HWP’s products are considered Firewood attachments, log splitter attachments, logging equipment, farming equipment, tree service equipment, hydraulic attachments, hydraulic splitters, and hydraulic processor.